Why Software Developers Leave (And The Best Ways to Retain Them)

Finding the right developer for a team or software project should be a major cause of celebration. Selecting a candidate that has the right experience, genuine interest in the role, and is a good cultural fit is no small task! However, unfortunately, finding developer talent is only half the battle. Now, the work of engaging and retaining your new hire begins.

The cost of losing a skilled developer can be enormous. The gap of knowledge and hit in productivity from losing an employee can majorly disrupt project timelines and budget, and can also take a toll on organizational culture. In addition, countless hours are then required to spend vetting new candidates and getting them up to speed with your product. Further, according to Recruiting Developers in 2017, 59 percent of developers are “open to new job opportunities,” which means this threat is not far off.

With such fierce competition for talent in the marketplace, retaining quality software developers has never been more important. Here are some of the top reasons developers leave and some changes you can implement to keep them around.

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